Crestview Places

The town of Crestview is broken up into six districts.

Cultura containing agricultural and aquacultural zones and associated buildings.

Municipium containing buildings of government and guild services.

Scholaris containing artistic and educational facilities.

Factum containing manufacturing and production buildings.

Mercari containing shops and of all kind.

Hospitaire containing inns, taverns, stables and other service industry facilities.

Additional places of interest include:

The Obelisk which operates as a sundial.

The Floating Platforms providing transport between the river banks and the town.

The Market allowing locals and travelers to purchase produce from Cultura foods.

The Concourse is used for any town events, including the upcoming celebration.

The Park is an area set aside for outdoor gatherings and a quiet spot to read.

The Grove is a reserved zone in Cultura for communing with nature and allowing some critters to habitate the otherwise urban town.

The Edge is a long and narrow garden with benches and lookout points to see the view.

The Vigil is the northernmost structure in town, keeping a watch for threats coming from up-river.

Crestview Places

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